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About Us

“Higher Education Works" is an initiative of Citizens for Higher Education and businesses throughout the state, in cooperation with the Kansas Board of Regents.  Our goal is to inform and mobilize citizens and legislators about the critical need for top-quality higher education in Kansas.
We believe that attracting, training and retaining bright post-secondary students are the surest ways for Kansas to grow and prosper in the high-tech 21st century.

Traditionally known as the “Education State", Kansas’ higher education institutions at all levels are struggling to keep up as tight budgets and competing priorities chip away at the state’s historic commitment to public higher education.  Meanwhile, students and their families are taking on huge amounts of debt to achieve the dream of a postsecondary degree.

Working together, we hope to share our common message that a higher education degree means better jobs, richer lives and a stronger economy for all Kansans, and to encourage citizens to ask their legislators to support pro-higher education legislation in Topeka.

Citizens for Higher Education is an initiative of major businesses and foundations who believe that a quality higher education system is critical to the economic prosperity of all Kansans.