Real-time Web Tracking

Real-time Web Tracking

Web tracking, traffic reporting, Web metrics, Web analytics, Web monitoring… these are all different ways to refer to data reporting on visitor traffic to a Website. A vital knowledge source for today’s business sites.

Without Web analytics, a Website can not reach its potential. The data provided by a good Web tracking service places full control into your hands. You can watch how visitors find your site, where they go on your site, what browser and operating system they are using to view your site, and where they leave your site. And these are just the basics.

With Web tracking reports, you can glean insight into your visitors’ behavior, in great detail. This is essential information for building your site traffic, enhancing functionality, increasing visitor experience and satisfaction, developing repeat traffic and growing sales. With standard Web analytics, you can analyze the data and react to the reports, thereby improving your site over time.see more from

Wouldn’t it be great, though, to be proactive and make these changes and improvements at the moment, while it’s needed? Especially where marketing and advertising is concerned. To see data that shows action is needed immediately, and to be able to go in and do it right now, as needed, is incredibly valuable. And it is available!.

There are now emerging real-time Web tracking reports that give you current, up-to-the-minute data, so you can now see what your online marketing is doing, and make adjustments, follow-ups and get results instantly. The first Web analytics service to offer real-time reporting was VisiStat, and now Coremetrics is offering it on a limited basis. VisiStat provides real-time data across their service, and they are the first to offer live data to your desktop. This means you see the information update constantly, in live, actual time. No other analytics service offers this.

With real-time Web tracking, the site owner…you!…now can make truly proactive decisions based on what is happening on your Website right now, at this moment. No more delays and waiting for old data. With today’s new analytics, real-time data gives you the incredible advantage of seeing your visitors while they are on your site; watching their click path while they move from page to page; seeing them purchase your products or service while they are completing the transaction; following their response to your ads, links, reports, white papers, banners, press and any marketing; and much, much more.

Real-time Web Tracking

Real-time Web analytics is a sale and a marketer’s dream come true. Never before have we had so much control and immediate availability over our Websites – and our visitors’ experience and responses. Today’s analytics is a resource that a serious site owner or business manager can not afford to ignore. For your bottom line, you should seriously consider getting a real-time Web tracking solution!